Eastern Horizon Realty

About Eastern Horizon Realty

Eastern Horizon Realty originally began as Alex Reis Real Estate in 1983 by my father, Alex Reis. We officially changed the name of the brokerage in 2013, 30 years after opening Alex Reis Real Estate. The landscape of the real estate brokerage business has changed over the years and none more so than recently with the expansion of the mobile devices. The consumers have become more educated, and have much more information available to them. We, at Eastern Horizon Realty, have embraced the expansion of information to the consumer, and we look forward to assisting you in the pursuit of your new home. To that end, our broker of record, Justin Reis, serves the West Branch Valley Association of Realtors as a director, chairperson of the MLS committee, and even was honored with the 2011 Realtor of the Year Award.

One thing we are trying not to be, is a large office. We do not want to create a superstore of real estate agents. We would rather utilize our specific skill sets to assist our buyers and sellers to be educated and make the best decision for their situation. We understand not everyone has the same motivations in a real estate transaction, and we want to tailor our representation to the specific clients’ needs and desires for their real estate transaction. We believe one of the best ways to serve our clients is to separate ourselves through our education, experience, and our enthusiasm. We have extensive real estate experience through our combined 48 years in the industry, have undergone rigorous education (both valuation and brokerage), and we go the extra mile to make sure ALL our client’s are satisfied with their experience.

In keeping with the small office theme, we do not offer a blanket recruitment of agents; rather, they are invited to join our office individually. This way, we are able to provide our best service to our clients at all times. If you are in the market to purchase or sell real estate in Central PA, please do not hesitate to contact Eastern Horizon Realty today! In fact, the greatest compliment you can provide a business is a referral. Please do not hesitate to refer Eastern Horizon Realty for your real estate brokerage needs.